Want to Be Happy?Choose the Right Foods!

To be happy you do not need to spend a lot of expensive and budget. Enough food to make it happen with those around you, happiness would be approached.

Happiness can not be measured by the abundance of things you have. Sometimes, through the little things that you do not realize is it can make you happy by fulfilling one of these healthy foods. As quoted from Genius Beuaty, here are some foods that can create happiness.

Protect fish from depression

Research shows that people living in countries where fish is an integral part of the diet, then they will have the lowest levels of depression, spared from bipolar disorder, postpartum depression and seasonal affective disorder. This is because fish contains omega-3 fatty acids. Studies conducted in 2008, showed that treatment of depression with fish oil can be just as effective as Prozac populrt worldwide.

Tomato fight depression

Compound called lycopene not only make the red color of tomatoes alone, but also can improve mood, prevent the formation of inflammatory compounds in the brain associated with depression. Tomatoes contain enhancers “mood”, such as folic acid, magnesium, iron and vitamin B6, are essential for producing mood-regulating brain neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

Red beet as an antidepressant

Being part of the root vegetables, beets are a source of vitamin B, which is required by our brain to function better than the memory, good humor, the ability to quickly find the information and process it. Bit also contains betaine, a compound that uses our brain to create a natural antidepressant.

Chili and garlic causes the production of endorphins

It was a hot and spicy chili because it contains capsaicin. Reaction
to the appearance of this solution in the fat molecules in our blood, the brain produces endorphins – natural compounds, which have a calming effect. As for garlic, contain large amounts of chromium, which affects the regulation of serotonin, a chemical substance known as “happy”.

Honey provides extra power

In contrast to the sugar that is useless and dangerous, honey contains B vitamins, folic acid, iron, manganese, and 181 different biologically active compounds, such as quercetin and caffeic acid, increases energy production in the brain.