‘Pink Diet’, How to Create Powerful Slim Body

Getting into shape is the dream of all women. Therefore, the latest diet methods always get a warm welcome, as well as PINK Diet popularized by Cynthia Pasquella and Dr. Phil.

PINK Diet has received overwhelming response from women. How not, dieting methods specifically for these women showed remarkable results in terms of weight loss.

PINK Diet was created by Cynthia Pasquella, a nutritionist who is experienced for more than 10 years. The method of weight loss made by the womenfolk Pasquella a favorite because it is a success story Pasquella own.

“I understand the struggle to lose weight badan.Saya never experienced depression, excessive anxiety, lack of energy during my even trying to lose weight. Because everything I try does not help, I created my own methods, “he said when interviewed.

However, who popularized PINK Diet so well known by women across the United States, even to the international world is Dr. Phil Oprah interviews, television personality, and The Doctors.

PINK itself is short of power, intensity, nutrition, and cardio, which in general can be regarded as comprehensive diet that combines fitness and nutrition system to achieve the body that are not only ideal, but also healthy. What makes PINK Diet success story that many American women suffer from obesity is a three-stage strategy that was introduced Pasquella.

“PINK fusion Diet is a diet that combines daily exercise with a nutritious diet,” said Pasquella.

Unlike other diet methods that offer instant solutions, PINK Diet slowly lose weight and keep it off. “PINK diet while maintaining your intake of nutrients in the body by applying a low-calorie diets and low fat, combined with mild exercises seharihari,” said Pasquella.

Furthermore, Pasquella add, do not be afraid of “absent” from the schedule PINK Diet dieters because each will have their respective mentors through the DVD package.”There are three DVD package that will help with the diet as well as a blueprint, a daily list to be followed to ensure the success of the program,” he said, adding that the list includes daily meals 3 times a day plus snacks and a list of exercises.

Special, despite carrying the “theme” a diet low in fat and low in calories, menu options are offered including a variety PINK Diet and certainly tempting.

“Many are afraid to go on a diet because dietary restrictions so banyak.PINK Diet does not have certain restrictions, only a set portion and calorie intake of nutrients that enter the body stay in balance with the diet so that no problems or weight loss yo-yo up and down,”Pasquella said.

PINK Diet starts with a pink menu specials for breakfast smoothies made from protein powder, strawberries or other fruits, and sayuran.Sementara for lunch and dinner is a combination of high protein and low fat menu, like chicken, fish, and vegetable- fresh vegetables. Higher menu cereals or grains such as brown rice or wheat became the major carbohydrate intake. In fact, in PINK Diet menu also includes desserts, like chocolate pudding cake or avocado.

“That’s why PINK Diet a favorite.” Pasquella said. He also explained, this type of diet can be applied by the vegetarians.

“This type of diet is very personal.Di other hand, is also very universal and suitable for anyone, no matter they are vegetarian, have a problem with diabetes, or intolerant to gluten,” he continued.